In Don Giovanni, after Zerlina is accused of cheating by her fiancé, Masetto, she sings her flirty aria ‘Batti, batti o bel Masetto’, teasing him by asking him to. Don Giovanni is an opera in two acts with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Italian .. Zerlina follows the jealous Masetto and tries to pacify him (“Batti, batti o bel Masetto” – “Beat, O beat me, handsome Masetto”), but just as she. 2 May Junior vocal performance major Jillian Smith performs “Batti, Batti” from W.A. Mozart’s opera DON GIOVANNI with The University of Tampa’s.

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As Don Giovanni leaves, Donna Anna suddenly recognizes him as her father’s murderer and tells Don Ottavio the story of his intrusion, claiming that she was deceived at first because she was expecting a night visit from Don Ottavio himself, but managed to fight Don Giovanni off after discovering the imposture long recitative exchange between Donna Anna and Don Ottavio.

Don Giovannia young, extremely licentious nobleman. They find instead Leporello hiding under the table, shaken by the supernatural horror he has witnessed. Don Giovanni and Zerlina are soon alone and he immediately begins his seductive arts Duet: Don Ottavio pressures Donna Anna to marry him, but she thinks it is inappropriate so soon after her father’s death. Operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Donna Elvira is convinced and descends to the street. The statue disappears and Don Giovanni cries out in pain and terror as he is batti by a chorus of demons, who carry him be, to Hell.

He accuses her of being cruel, and she assures him that she loves him, and is faithful “Non mi dir” — “Tell me not”.

It is based on the legends of Don Juana fictional libertine and seducer. Hurt and angry, Donna Elvira gives up and leaves. The others are not fooled. The servant trembles, but Don Giovanni scornfully orders him to invite the statue bsl dinner, and threatens to kill him if he does not. You invited me to dine with you”the statue offers a last chance to repent, but Don Giovanni adamantly refuses.

In a frequently cut recitative, Donna Elvira vows vengeance.

When Zerlina screams for help, Don Giovanni drags Leporello onstage from the room, accuses Leporello of assaulting Zerlina himself, and threatens to kill him. Much to his surprise, the statue nods its head and responds affirmatively. Don Giovanni, relieved that he is unrecognised, readily promises it, and asks who has disturbed her peace.


Batti, Batti O Bel Masetto | Dotsub

The opera was first performed on 29 October in Prague under its full title of Il dissoluto punito ossia il Don Giovanni — Dramma giocoso in due atti The Rake punished, or Don Giovannia dramma giocoso in two acts. Leporello happens along and the two are reunited.

Zerlina follows the jealous Masetto and tries to pacify him ” Batti, batti o bel Masetto ” — “Beat, O beat me, handsome Masetto”but just as she manages to persuade him batit her innocence, Don Giovanni’s voice from offstage startles and frightens her. This page was last edited on 7 Jasettoat The Quest for the Inner Manp. However, Don Giovanni remains cheerful and tells Leporello to organize a party and invite every girl he can find.

Mozart in popular culture Beethoven-Haydn-Mozart Memorial. Retrieved 5 April A screen adaptation of the opera was made under the title Don Giovanni in directed by Joseph Losey. He breaks free and she runs off as the Commendatore enters the garden. For this production, he wrote two new arias with corresponding recitatives — Don Ottavio’s aria ” Dalla sua pace ” K. Mozart also supervised the Vienna premiere of the work, which took place on 7 May Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ‘s opera Don Giovanni.

As mentioned above, the final ensemble was customarily omitted from productions for over a century beginning with the original run in Prague, but it started to be performed again frequently in mwsetto 20th century and is now is usually included in productions of the opera. Reports about the last-minute completion of the bxtti conflict; some say it was completed the day before the premiere, [8] some on the very day. Den Danske Ordbog in Danish. battj

11. Mozart – Don Giovanni ‘Batti Batti’

Bati attempts to sweet-talk her out of hurting him. According to the 19th-century Bohemian memoirist Wilhelm Kuhethe final ensemble was only presented at the very first performance in Prague, then never heard again during the original run. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Don Giovanni. As the merriment, featuring three separate chamber orchestras on stage, proceeds, Leporello distracts Masetto by dancing with him, while Don Giovanni leads Batgi offstage to a private room and tries to assault her.


Don Giovanni kills the Commendatore with his sword and escapes with Leporello. Modern productions sometimes include both the original aria for Don Ottavio, ” Il mio tesoro “, and its replacement from the first production in Vienna that was crafted to suit the capabilities of the tenor Francesco Morella, ” Dalla sua pace “.

Donna Elvira enters, saying that she no longer feels resentment against Don Giovanni, only pity for him. From a balcony, Leporello invites them to his master’s party. He is keeping watch while Don Giovanni is in the Commendatore’s house attempting to seduce or rape the Commendatore’s daughter, Donna Anna. He begs for mercy and, seeing an opportunity, runs off Leporello aria: Undoubtedly, this practice was sanctioned by Mozart himself.

Overture Fulda Symphonic Orchestra. Besides no precedent for rape, there is also no portrayal in the Don Juan literature before Da Ponte of impregnation or the contraction of venereal disease in spite of Don Juan’s numberless sexual encounters. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky always regarded Don Giovanni — and its composer — with awe.

Zerlina and Masetto also enter the scene. The opera was commissioned as a result of the overwhelming masegto of Mozart’s trip to Prague in January and February bqtti Italian Wikisource has original text related to this article: In the Vienna version, Don Ottavio, not yet convinced Donna Anna having only recognised Don Giovanni’s voice, not seen his faceresolves to keep an eye on his friend ” Dalla sua pace la mia dipende ” — “On her peace my peace depends”.

Before Don Giovanni can complete his seduction of the maid, Masetto and his friends arrive, looking for Don Giovanni in order to kill masdtto. Donna Anna, unaware that she is speaking to her attacker, pleads for Don Giovanni’s help. Elvira’s ” In quali eccessi, o Numi